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NanYa Plastics' Polyester Division produces excellent quality polyester for a wide variety of applications.Produced in Taiwan, NanYa's Tairilin™ polyester meets the highest standards for all of your manufacturing needs.


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Tairilin™ BP

General purpose transparent polyester film with good handling characteristics and ink adhesion. Available with one or two side corona treatment. Tairilin BP is specified for general packaging and industrial applications.


Tairilin™ BS

Super clear brilliant polyester film which is surface treated one side for increased slip and ease of processing. Typical applications are solar film, hologram laminating and coating applications where superior optical properties and dimensional stability are required.


Tairilin™ BV

Polyester film engineered for video use. Tairilin BV's properties exhibit consistent, extremely smooth surface with good slip and outstanding strength need to withstand the high recording speed of video applications.


Tairilin™ DP

One-side heat sealable polyester film designed to seal to itself or various other substrates. Tairilin DP is also available in white.


Tairilin™ BW

Our opaque white polyester film available in thickness of 25 to 125 microns (75 to 500 gauge).


Tairilin™ BB, BM, BT

Matte polyester film is available in three haze levels ranging from 56% to 93% haze depending on thickness. Available in 25 to 125 microns (75 gauge to 500 gauge).


Tairilin™ MP

Dimensional stable, low shrinkage transparent polyester film with good handling characteristics and adhesion properties. Tairilin MP is available in one or two side corona treatment.


Tairilin™ BH

High transparency polyester film is engineered for applications where super high clarity is required. Standard products are available in thickness of 50 to 125 microns (200 to 500 gauge) and custom gauges are available upon request.


Contact us in our Chicago office at 800-441-0298 or e-mail us for more information.

Distribution warehouses are located in New Jersey, Illinois and California to support just in time delivery

programs and prompt service.

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