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Office Products

Rocheux International offers a wide range of products for the office products industry. Whether you manufacture ring binders, presentation folders, document holders, page protectors or other storage medium, we offer a complete product line for the office products industry.


Opaque Flexible Vinyls

  •  Extensive Line of embossings

  •  Full line of colors

  •  Excellent layflat for automatic equipment processing

  •  Formulated to meet your specifications

  •  On line slitting

  •  Warehousing programs or direct from the manufacturing plant

  •  Supported and expanded vinyls


Clear Flexible Vinyls

  •  Double Polished Clears

  •  Frosty, Mattes and One Side Polish

  •  Formulated to meet your specifications

  •  Extensive gauge range

  •  Good dimensional stability


Rigid Vinyls

  •  Clear and opaque

  •  Slit to your specifications

  •  Formulated to meet your specifications

  •  Excellent transparency and gloss

  •  Excellent die cutting abilities

  •  Impact strength and chemical resistance



  •  Calendered opaques for bookbinder applications

  •  CPP

  •  BOPP

  •  Extruded PP

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