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Rocheux International offers the world's most extensive line of flexible vinyl films manufactured by NanYa Plastics, a division of Formosa Chemical. As North America's major distribution and marketing arm of NanYa Plastics, Rocheux International serves customers in a wide variety of end use markets including:



With ten flexible calenders located in Batchelor, LA and over 100 calenders in Taiwan and China we offer the following range of products:


  •  Gauges from 0.003" to.060"

  •  PHR from semi rigid to highly flexible - 3 to 80 phr

  •  Extensive embossing capability with in house roll engraving

  •  Double polished clears, mattes and frosty clears

  •  On line slitting

  •  Widths up to 114" depending on product formulation

  •  Supported and expanded vinyls

  •  Printed vinyls utilizing in house print roll manufacturing

  •  Formulations to meet U. S. industry specifications

  •  Polymeric and monomeric formulas

  •  Extensive color matching capability

  •  R&D test and development expertise


With our integrated relationship with NanYa Plastics we can provide custom solutions to all of your flexible vinyl requirements.


Contact us for more information at our headquarters in New Jersey at
800-688-9213 or
e-mail us for more information.

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