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Optical Plastic Film


Optical plastic film offers innovative surface protection film solutions for a wide range of industry. Optical grade surface protection films offer a cost effective solution in protecting the surface properties of your product such as TFT-LCD, electronics , plastics industry..etc. Various surface treated film is available.


Calendered PETG


PETG sheeting is developed utilizing a patented process combined with our proficient plastic processing experience accumulated over several years. It was developed in response to a need for environmentally greener product.The product is designed for applications as decorative films, surface lamination for wood, plastic and metal. The production can also be used in floor tile, stationary, thermoforming and vacuum forming applications.


The product has the following characteristics:


  •  Excellent transparency;

  •  Environment friendly – No Chlorine and no heavy metals.

  •  It has good abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

  •  It is easy to print on – It requires no corona treatment. It can be printed using gravure, offset lithography or silk screen methods.

  •  Can be easily embossed on and is available in wide variety of Textures/embosses.


Product is available in the following specification:


  •  Opaque -3mil (0.08mm)-17mil (0.43mm)

  •  Matte Clear 4mil (0.10mm) -12mil (0.30mm)

  •  Width 13”-54”

  •  Custom prints available



Contact us for more information at 800-688-9213 or e-mail us for more information.



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