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Industrial Film

Rocheux International has the capacity, capabilities and technical support to provide custom solutions to provide custom engineered films designed to meet industry standards for many markets. ISO 9000 Certified in 1995, our film is manufactured in the most modern calendering plant in the country. Backed by the support of our computerized color matching lab and a fully equipped analytical testing lab, we can consistently supply film and sheeting that meets your specifications. We provide custom engineered films for many industries including:


  • Tarps, billboards, and banners

  • Ceiling Tile

  • Floor Tile-overlay and core stock

  • Inflatable Air Mattress

  • Medical

  • Pressure Sensitive/Tapes

  • Shower Curtain

  • Vapor Barrier

  • Print stock for Wall Covering


Our capabilities include a gauge range from 3 mil to 40 mil and a flexibility range from 21 PHR to 60 PHR. Many of our formulations include additives to enhance the performance characteristics of vinyl film. For more information about our custom formulating expertise contact us:





Low Temperature

LP 375 0 Deg. F/Type I,-20 Deg. F/Type II - Fed. Std. 191-5874


California Bulletin 117 Fed. Std. 191- 5903 - MVSS 302, NFPA 701

UV Resistance

QUV 500 Hours QUV 1000 Hours

Mildew Resistance

ASTM G 21-75



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