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Carbon Fiber

Rocheux International is the exclusive North American distributor for Formosa Plastics’ Tairyfil-brand carbon fiber and UHT carbon fiber.

Formosa Plastics Corporation


UHT Unitech


Formosa's vertically integrated facility in Taiwan has production capacity of 8,750 metric tons, making it among the largest PAN-based carbon fiber manufacturers in the world .  This facility gives Formosa Plastics control over its supply chain which eliminates potential disruptions and material shortages.  Since 1984, Tairyfil has been used in the European and Asian markets for wind energy, reinforcement fabric, sporting goods and other industrial applications.  Tairyfil is available as standard modulus to high modulus, standard strength to high strength and tows from 1.5K carbon fiber (the only 1.5K on the market) to the industrial grade 48K carbon fibers.  This range of carbon fiber includes T300, T700 and T800 equivalents.


In 2014, Formosa introduced the TC55 grade with 640 Ksi Tensile Strength and 55 Msi Tensile Modulus.


TC55 12K Data Sheet

TC55 24K Data Sheet


UHT produces high strength and high modulus PAN-based carbon fibers based on its proprietary manufacturing technology.  This energy efficient technology enables UHT to offer the high quality U30S and UT1000 carbon fibers at a reduced cost compared to its T800 and T1000 equivalents.


U30S Datasheet

UT1000 Datasheet


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  • CNG Cylinder

  • Prepreg

  • Pressure Vessel

  • Pultrusion

  • Rollers/Tubes

  • Sporting Goods

  • Thermoplastic Resins

  • UD Tape

  • Woven Fabric


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