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Rocheux International has been a leading supplier of plastic films and sheets to a wide array of industries for over 30 years.  We have warehouses strategically positioned across North America to service our customers.  Our focus is on customer service, product quality and collaboration.  Our strength is industry knowledge and product knowledge.  As our customers innovate new products and as needs change, Rocheux evolves to meet them.  Rocheux wants to be your partner.


While the core of Rocheux's business is rooted in plastic films and sheets, Rocheux also offers performance materials such as plastic resins, epoxy resins, carbon fiber, even supported films that mimic genuine leather and high end fabric.


In addition, Rocheux can help transition your production from North America to Asia.  Our office in Shanghai gives a local presence.  The Asian market can be difficult to navigate.  Let us know how we can help you, today.


For manufacturers, who are interested in sales, customer service and distribution support to promote your product in North America, Rocheux is here to help grow your business.  Your product along with Rocheux's large customer base across a number of industries and extensive warehouse network will be a great fit.  Contact us today.

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